Julia Artico's work has been interpreted as pure and sincere expression of a world whose qualities were often defined as fairy tales.
Nevertheless, characterizing her work with these elements – positioning it in a border zone between reality and fairy tale illusion – brings about the risk of missing those significant aspects of her production.
In fairy tales we have heroes and villains, and good moral and honest people mostly prevail.

In Julia’s work we witness, instead, an abstinence of judgment; the subjects are extracted from their historical period in order to give further space to the more intimate and lyrical essence of the matter, in which silence’s verbal desires are conveyed.

This is not any silence: it is the ancestral silence that raises from the ground and it's subsoil; and that, according to philosopher Max Picard, has the function of “essential role of halfway point”.
Exploring Artico’s artistic language means peacefully preparing yourself to listen, preparing yourself to the same affective attention demonstrated by Umberto Saba in his lyrics dedicated to animals, compared to man’s hidden and childish condition.

It is silence’s abrasive component that masters our souls’ vulnerable internal motions, and it shakes it with profound stillness.

Doctor Sofia Rondelli